Egypt burns

Egypt burns

Libya groans

Syria sees devastation

Iraq is no longer a nation

Afghanistan’s uprising

Pakistan is poisoned

The flames of Palestine are unquenching

In Sudan blood is spilling

Nigeria is on the brink

The fate of ordinary citizens

They are gagged and tied up and shot

All these with little or no thought

Women children schoolboys

Wars and rumours of war

Epidemics danger paralysis

Unmentionable diseases

Pick your visa and leave Africa

Pray  you are not caught in Europe’s disasters

Riots spill onto the streets

The intensity that fuels the heat

Any right thinking man will wonder

A storm is starting to gather

The storm that will break the rule of the intellect

Man will realize its great defect

The comet approaches

World stability diminishes

The comet’s rays are burning

Mothers weeping

Children crying

Earth man is paying dearly

For his great atrocities


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Amazing Miracles

Amazing miracles

Amazing what the heart can do

When pure thoughts come in

Cleansing and inspiring


Amazing miracles

When you lend a helping hand

To someone in need

Sinking into the sand


Amazing miracles

When as the sun rises

A prayer goes forth like a blessing

The weak is immediately strengthened


The young ones inspired

The weary are renewed

What miracles the heart can create

When it unites with the Light.



Pain sorrow and anguish of soul

Bedpartners in the tale of woes

They strike humanity continually

Strongholds that  stir us deeply

We all have our plans laid out

Our beautiful life ahead of us

Each year has its goals

Each day has its plans

But then somehow they creep upon us

In times when they cling to us

They halt our stepsand make us sit down

As we hurry along in this race of life

They have the power to make us wonder

Where am I

What am I doing

How long will this situation last

Sometimes they force us to consider

Our role as players in the universe

What are we here for

How do we manage

How do we achieve what we set out to do

Pain makes man remember his origin

Sorrow makes us empathise from within

They remain the only forces that remind us of our fraility

That with all our intellect we are small in this creation

That we need above all to care for one another

Beyond race and culture we all are brothers.

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Positive thoughts

Positive thoughts will pave a way

Regardless of what people say

If you want it visualize it

And soon it will become reality

Positive thoughts keep the blues away

I daresay it’s the tonic for every day

Amid the pain and gloom the world gives

It is the recipe for peace

It is the fuel that makes your imagination glow

And constructs the world you have tomorrow

Think positive thoughts

Let them be your companion

And they will steer you to wonders untold

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There is a place.

There is a place in the still quiet night

Where you hear clearly the beat of your heart

The point where you accept who you are

Where you are going and what is in your hand


The place where the opinion of others do not matter

As you forge ahead and your steps do not falter

The place where you come to an understanding

And give rein to pure and true feelings


You can no longer pretend to be what you are not

You can no longer sit out because it is hot

Even if everyone goes in one direction

You realize you have your own true mission


This is why you are here on the earth

To be genuine and noble with each passing breath

To bring your talents and inclinations to the fore

And share with people with a heart that is sure


None of us will walk the same path

No we cannot wear the same hat

Be true be honest be all you can be

And the Light will help fulfil your dream


maze of life

Meandering through this maze of life

Struggling for opportunities

Strategizing on how to go in for the kill

Life is transactionary

Give what you have to get what you can

Relationships are transactionary

Everything is based on what can be acquired

What can be achieved

What can be received

Meandering through this maze of life

Observing soulless human beings

Sold out to the rat race

With a seared conscience

And chained up spirit

Sold to materialism

The craze for acquisition

Fellow human beings are sold

Bodies are sold

Pride is trampled upon

Ego is deflated

Poverty humiliates

No one wants to consider why he is here

The race to acquire till you perish

Acquire till health will diminish

Acquire lands and houses

Acquire jets and helicopters

Acquire oil blocks and investments

All built on the blood of your fellow men

Build on their broken ego and spirit

Built on their lost opportunites

Meandering through this life

Acquiring till you lose your mind.

Just you and I

I would like it to be between the two of us

This secret that we are spinning

The time we spend together should be hallowed

Nothing should come in between

Turn off the phones and radio

Let the tweet of birds be all we hear

Lie down here in the woods beside me

Let me feel your heart beat with mine

Your eyes are deep pools of love

Your cheeks crinkle when you laugh

And I love the heave of your bosom

When you are amused at a joke of mine

Your warmth your very essence

Transports me to another time and place

And I believe in a past reincarnation

Our paths had crossed under stars of love

I love your hands when you whisper those secret words

When you reassure me of your promise

And tell me it is just between us

When you swear me to secrecy

Till I am permitted to shout it

Loud to the whole world and the earth

That it is just you I truly love.


“How do people get so busy, they don’t feel time to love?
What’s the truth behind why people go to war?
Why’s there so much religion, yet there’s so little love?
Will I ever get to know the truth someday?”